Consulting / Virtual Manager

Every office is in need of assistance from time to time.  Colleen can offer a variety of options to fit your needs. Her years as a Practice Administrator have given her the experience you need to make your team top notch.  Many managers do not have time in their day to train while continuing to run the practice effiecently.  

  • Do you have AR that are getting out of control?
  • Having trouble getting insurances to pay?
  • New Hire that needs to be trained in Dental Insurances?  Experienced insurance coordinators that need to brush up on their skills?

We can handle all of that and more…


AR evaluation and clean up.
  • Reach out for a free 15-30 minute phone (or in person if local) consultation to assess your practices direct needs.
  • Customized plan and proposal to fit you budget and office needs.
  • One time clean up or continual monitoring-we will customize to your needs.
New Team training.
  • Training can range from a new hire with no dental background to a new team member with years of experience who you want to  hone their Dental Insurance or Accounts receivable skills. Let Colleen utilize her knowledge to train your new hire.
  • Assessment of experienced new hires to see where they will fit best on your team.
Complete office insurance training.

Your front office team learn clinical terms and enough to be able to help educate the patients.  The same should be true in reverse.  With a basic knowledge it will help to make sure work is not started that cannot be paid or correct x-rays and charting are done.

Colleen can do full day/half day training for your full team. Everyone on your teams needs a full understanding of insurances the same as they do the basic clinical explanations of the work being done.