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Staying Up To Date

Dental insurance policies and coverage are constantly changing and vary from different providers and plans. Staying informed about these differences and keeping up with changes in policies, reimbursement rates, and procedure codes can be time-consuming and difficult for dental office staff.

Managing Reimbursement

Downgraded and denied seems like the new normal, but it doesn’t have to be. This process can feel frustrating and time consuming doing follow-ups with the insurance company to resolve the issue. Billing errors and denied claims can negatively impact the dental office’s cash flow and overall financial stability.

Paperwork Headaches

 Insurance billing feels like a huge time suck verifying patient insurance information, submitting claims, and following up on outstanding payments. This can place a heavy workload on dental teams, increasing stress and burnout… or worse strain patient care. 

There is a better way…

You can accept insurance and still have a profitable practice. I can show your team a better way to handle insurance billing, and I can help you clear up your backlog. 

It has been a pleasure working with Colleen Huff over the past 18 months. I highly recommend Colleen‘s Dental Insurance Coaching to any office looking to grow and improve. As medical professionals and “not so small” business owners, dental practice owners are faced with many decisions and things that need constant attention. There’s often not enough time to focus on all areas that need improving, or to understand everything well enough to provide the necessary training for our team members. We often focus so much on treatment and patient care, that we neglect or ignore the business aspects of ownership. This isn’t because we don’t care, but more often than not because we don’t completely understand how we can improve, and we don’t have the energy and time we feel we need to learn. Working with Colleen has been extremely beneficial for our practice. Her coaching style is thorough and the results are measurable. She has taken the time to get to know us and our team before creating the strategy she felt would work best for our practice. Before implementing the program, we understood the areas we needed to improve and this made making the necessary changes much easier. We understood the “why” behind what we were doing. As someone who has worked in the front office of dental practices for years, Colleen understands how to relate to team members. She also understands the struggles and challenges that practice owners face when trying to make changes. We have seen a significant improvement in not only the insurance driven portion of our practice, but also in our collections as a whole. We look forward to working with Colleen in the future and highly recommend her services to any and all practices looking to improve.
Dr. Rich Constantine

Constantine Dental

About Colleen

Colleen Huff, FAADOM has been in the dental field for 27+ years. Her dental career began as a Customer Service Rep for Metlife Dental in Utica, NY. From there a move to New Jersey introduced her to the world of dental offices and she has been there ever since. Colleen honed her office skills for about 7 years before taking on the world of Management in 2001. Colleen has been an independent consultant for numerous offices throughout the country. She has helped to grow a practice from the ground up as well as re-organize established practices. Colleen is the founder/former President of the Buffalo/WNY Chapter of AADOM- (D.E.N.T.A.L. Study Group). Currently serving as the sponsor chairperson. She is an active member of AADOM along with being one of their first Ambassadors. Colleen achieved her fellowship with AADOM in 2015. With a strong belief in the value of networking and the sharing of knowledge, she continues to grow her chapter by bringing the top dental practice management consultants to the Buffalo area.
Colleen is currently actively consulting and training numerous offices around the country.

Over 27 years in the dental field.  I have seen almost everything!”




“Dental Insurance has become a fulltime job for many administrative team members. Cutting through the maze of new procedure codes, new charting and new procedures can be greatly simplified by listening to an expert in solving the mystery of it all. Colleen Huff’s webinar can immediately share with your team specific terms, short cuts and the new language of insurance that will make their job easier, your team more confident in dealing with patients (a real marketing tool)….and your insurance headaches less severe. Don’t miss the opportunity to demystify these insurance headaches quickly and easily.”

Linda Miles

Retired Dental Practice Management Speaker, Consultant, and Author

“Colleen is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of dental insurance. Her humour and grace make her presentations engaging and easy to understand! If you need a speaker on this topic, I highly suggest you reach out to Colleen!”

Dana Russell

“Colleen spoke at our NE Indiana Chapter last fall and we loved it! She is very knowledgeable and as a working Office Manager she knows the challenges we face. During her presentation she gives many helpful ways to combat these problems and provides continued support to her fellow Office Managers. We would definitely have her speak to our group again.”

Laura Fettig Terlosky

“As a dentist, handling dental insurance issues is a daunting task as the rules seem to change daily. Navigating through the web of codes, rules and regulations is a nightmare. Bad practice management can quickly reverse the profits of a thriving practice. When I had Colleen come in for an initial consultation she pinpointed several issues right away. She helped us resolve them all and within 2 short months we had a significant turnaround with our collections and business has been booming ever since. Now that we are on the right track I still reach out to Colleen to give sound advise and keep me moving in the right direction. She is accessible, trustworthy and dependable. I would recommend her to any office that wants to see its business excel.”

Lola J. John-Roberts, DMD

“Colleen Huff is my “go to” expert when it comes to understanding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and all insurance questions. With ongoing changes to the dental insurance landscape including the ACA, I find it nearly impossible to confidently advise my clients about it. Colleen stays current with the many updates and modifications. Colleen has developed a one of a kind training regarding the ACA, and has committed her career to helping others navigate the unfamiliar and changing waters of the ACA. Her passion and dedication to this niche area, makes Colleen one of the best in the industry. She loves teaching this subject”

Robin Morrison

RLM Healthcare Marketing

“Colleen spoke to our chapter and it was a great meeting! Very knowledgable thorough and professional. Would recommend love to have her back!”

Tara Hudson

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