For the New Kid on the Block | by Colleen Huff

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For the New Kid on the Block

Entering into a new position can be very intimidating, no matter what that position is or how confdent you are at your job. We have all taken that step at some point in our lives. Going into an established practice as the new Practice Administrator is especially daunting. How you conduct yourself on that frst day/week will set the tone for your time with the office. 

I have done this twice in my career and have learned a plethora of things that work, and even more that do not work. The first time I stepped into the manager role, I was illprepared. I was under the impression that if you can do a job, then you can certainly manage a group of people doing that job. Boy, was I wrong. Keep in mind that AADOM was not born yet, so my resources were limited. I walked into a practice that had 3 ofces, 15 years running and 40 women between all three places. Some of the lessons I learned have served me (and others) well over the years.

Don’t change anything during the frst month. Yes, you need to make your workspace livable and rearrange things…

Tip #3: … rearrange things for yourself. I mean, don’t change policy and procedures until you see the office run for a bit. Get to know the staf. Ask them what they like and what they would change. The dentist may be surprised to fnd out that the staff likes and dislikes the same things as he/she does. Keep a list during that frst month. Have your Word program up and jot things down as they come up. I did
this, and it not only helped me to prioritize things, but it also was great to look back and tweak things.

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