As written on SkyGen USA by Colleen Huff 

It’s Small Business Week 2023, a time to recognize the vital role America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners have in our everyday lives. Dental practices fit that bill – 50% of dentists work solo, according to Health Policy Institute. Many more have just two or three partners, and all of them employ staffs of hygienists, administrators and more. Here at SKYGEN, we’re celebrating the strong relationships we enjoy with thousands of dentists in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. 

For some insights into the hard work of running a dental practice, we asked Dental Insurance Coach Collen Huff, FAADOM, about the top-of-mind challenges her clients are grappling with as they work to provide quality dental care and improve the oral health of their patients.  

 Are dental practices still feeling perhaps unexpected business impacts due to the pandemic shutdowns?

Absolutely. They’re still dealing with challenges that arose as soon as the economic shutdowns began, such as the shortage of hygienists and other staff, and patients’ concerns about coming into the office. One of the unexpected challenges is that many patients learned to live on one income during the pandemic. That belt-tightening, coupled with fears of a possible recession, has kept patient numbers down.

The positive news is that the tide is turning. There’s been more in the news about the strong link between oral health and overall health. I think healthcare professionals and patients are more mindful of this link now. It can only help to get more patients in for preventive care.

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