The cybersecurity incident at Change Healthcare will stretch on for at least another day… just what you wanted to hear, right?

The truth is, this could have happened to any insurance provider, practice, payment processor – any company who operates online. This incident is becoming a new normal.

Here is where you can shine for your practice.

It is time to think outside your typical claims processing box.  Consider the following:

1.      Fax or email claims to the insurance companies.

2.      Utilize the websites to send your claims.  If you are not enrolled now may be the time to do this.

3.      Change your clearing house.  My favorite to work with is Vyne

Below are some links to help you during this difficult time.

Link to purchase a list of fax numbers:  Minor investment for a great resource.

Dentrix user- save this link and check it frequently:

We’re tracking insurance companies and updates as they happen in the sheet below.